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Successful plans are focused on specific priorities, they are timebound, assign responsibilities to those with experience, budget the cost of implementation and provide short-term goals that align with long-term vision. Too many times, these plans sit on a shelf and collect dust. Our method of planning develops momentum for communities so that they want to continue to work the plan. This is the first step many successful communities take in order to plan for their future.

"The dynamic planning process was incredibly helpful and enjoyable for our team. The process was fun and interactive, and we concluded the day with a greater understanding of how to utilize each member’s strengths effectively. With Ryan’s hands-on experience as an economic development practitioner in a rural community, he understands the unique challenges counties like ours face. The plan we built is ambitious, but realistic, and has our board feeling energized and invested in working through it together."

Meredith Dubree, Executive Director

Breck United


No matter how big or small your community may be, workforce and talent are two areas that need to be a high priority for everyone. We believe that communities who win the "people" game over the next 10 years will thrive for the next 30 years. It is that important. There is no "one size fits all plan" because every community is different. We will develop a plan specific to your community so you can create an environment where people will want to live, learn and love where they are. 


Are you new to economic development? Would a board training about the basics of economic development be beneficial to your community? Allow us to meet with you and your key community leaders to provide an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced when competing for business and growing your community. We will work to align you and your board so that the planning process is exciting and provides your community with a springboard to growth.


The most attractive communities to prospects are those that focus on substance over flash.  We can walk you through the best ways to manage your finances in order to be able to offer incentives that are truly meaningful to closing a deal. 

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